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Eva Jane Beauty

Simplify your beauty routine with time saving beauty tools while looking amazing from Eva Jane Beauty. Created by 2-time Emmy winning makeup artist Eva Jane, doing your makeup has never been easier. This bundle features the original Makeup Bullet created by Eva while on filming location for applying makeup to TV news anchors in a fast-paced environment quickly and conveniently. Works great with liquid, creams or powders and dries fast for quick turnaround usage. Apply the right amount every time with increased accuracy around the eyes, lips and cheeks. Conveniently stays on the finger to prevent touching unsafe surfaces.

Retail Price: $80.00

  • (2) Eva Jane® Makeup Bullets
  • (1) Eva Jane® Silicone Angle Brush
  • (1) Eva Jane® Eyelash Safe
  • (3) Eva Jane® Sets of Strip Eyelashes
  • (1) Applicator Tool
  • (1) Black Eyeliner Glue
  • The Makeup Bullet
    • The Makeup Bullet™ - HiDef Cosmetic Finger Sponge" merges the control of using your fingers with a blending tool that produces flawless "air-brushed" results. "The Makeup Bullet™" is a premium blending tool made from hypoallergenic, latex-free, 100% USA Manufactured foam. The material is soft, pliable and open celled that doesn't require moisture to work effectively! "The Makeup Bullet™" gives you the ability to multi-task and never lose track of your sponge thereby saving you from wasting time in the makeup mirror! Save time. Preserve a natural resource. Look amazing!
  • Silicone Angle Brush
    • Create crisp lines when drawing your eyeliner or defining your eyebrows then you want the first brush to be introduced under the brand "Eva Jane®." The silicone tip with it's keen sharp angle won't collapse or lose it's precision like a traditional brush made of fibers. This detail tool was created to give you the control to create clean lines that can mimic a hair stroke when used with your favorite creme or powder brow definer or create the perfect cat-eye wing with ease and control. You can even clean up a lip line using a bit of foundation or concealer or use with a lip color to define your lip line and draw the perfect cupid's bow!
  • Eye Lash Safe
    • Apply the lipstick to your lips using a gentle amount of pressure so as not to break the stick . Starting at the center of the upper lip and moving outward towards the corners. Make sure you follow the natural shape of your lips and do not cover the sexy peak in the center. Color within the natural lip line. Now SLAY Queen!
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